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Dream 21: 07/09/10
I am in a car and I am driving to a hotel. The bed in the hotel bedroom is a small swimming pool and I am swimming in the water. The restaurant in the hotel is called “Restaurant Amnesty.” I am moving to a house next door to the “Lung Centre.” I am driving around town with Ian. I get out of the car and look at the pavement. There are tiles on some steps and small newts crawling about on them. I seeĀ a dwarf with a very long tongue. He can dance. He is called the ‘Dancer of Tongues.’ A small green car is flying alongside him.There is a big vibrator in the room and it is perverse. Someone implies having sex with the dwarf. I say no. I am told he comes from a Victorian family. He writes me a love letter in glitter. My parents find the letter and I am thrown out of my house. I have a talk with my sisters.

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