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Dream 31: 21/02/2011
I walk around the corner and I see a builder breaking eggs into his lap There is a very gay window cleaner coming out of his house in a tight short t-shirt. He is also wearing high heels. He walks up the street while cleaning all the windows. The window cleaner and I are in a dark prison cell together. He is wearing a wedding dress. My old boss Maria Jose shows me an artist composite of a new group she has signed at the agency. The name of the group is Thelematicos, except that it is a different Thelematicos to the one I recognize. They look like Nachi and Sergio, but are ugly versions. They are wearing orange and yellow shirts. I see in the distance my sister, Rachel, having sex on top of a car with a friend. I am in a Mcdonalds at the airport complaining about the service. Vlad, one of the models I work with, is serving me.

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